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Transportation in Bandung - Car Rent in Bandung

  • 31 Mei 2017

Bandung is one of the popular destinations for tourist, both for business and also for those who travel to explore the historical sites of Bandung city. For those who is not a Bandungers, public transport around Bandung can be nuisance.  But, since there’s lots of visitor in the city, there are many mode of transport in Bandung.

1.    Bandung Rent Car

For those who likes to visit many places in one day, I recommend rent car and driver.  One of the options is search for Bandung car rental services , which ranged around Rp 600,000/ 12 hours include driver.   

Another option that I recommend is use the application of Grab Car Rental. The company, which launch in 2016, operates as the rival of Uber Car. Grab Car also provide Grab Rental which cost Rp350,000 / 6 hours include driver. The downside is, most drivers can’t speak English so you better prepare the location of your destination on paper.

2.    Taxi

There are quite many taxi provider in Bandung. One of the famous is Blue bird. And if u arrive at train terminal, they also have their own taxi, the same with the airport taxi. But for taxi, the rate is quite expensive, so I suggest use the application for online taxi, it is safer and cheaper for sure. We have three transport services, you can download the apps before ordering. 

-         Uber Car -> charge by meters 

-         Grab Car -> charge by distance so the fares is the same whether there’s traffic or not

-         Go- Car -> charge by distance


3.    Motorbike Bandung

If you don’t want to stuck on a traffic, you can use motorbike service by Gojek. It is the same as taxi but by motorbike, and it can cost you cheaper than car.


So that’s it, hopefully the info quite helpful for your visit in Bandung. And please check our guest house, we will try our best to help you with your needs while you are in Bandung.